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Story Time !


I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years now (no :( I don't sell cookies anymore), which has culminated in the completion of my Gold Award. This is the top honor a Girl Scout can earn, and though it took a lot of time, organization, and attention, it turned out to be a wonderful learning experience.

I decided to create an informative video series entitled "Let's Get This Straight," focused towards teens with scoliosis. I myself have been a scoliosis patient for three years now, and this was a chance to share my story for others who may be at the beginning of theirs.

As for content, the videos pretty much speak for themselves, thanks for watching!

A gigantic thank you to everyone who has encouraged me throughout this process, but especially the Scoliosis 3DC team for approving my scripts and constantly supporting me, and Max Greene for filming and editing the videos (and teaching me a LOT along the way).

click images to watch !

check out their blog page !

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*I realize it may appear odd that this work is featured on my personal site. This is in fact intentional, as many of those who approach my site have athletic backgrounds (likely in dance), and therefore are assumably in favor of a holistic approach to their health. As performers, our bodies are our instruments, our jobs. We have to look out for one another, and keep ourselves the healthiest we can be. I certainly believe, as told through these videos, that the holistic, progressive treatment I chose was right for me, and additionally think it can help others out there too!

Let's Get This Straight 


learn a little about me to help my story make sense :)


my story

everything i did and learned from having and treating scoliosis !


tips and tricks

some little things i've learned over the years :)


interview with my mom

some insight for all those exceptional parents out there !

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